Harness the power of the individual's intentions from their digital footprints

Market your site smarter with real-time visitor insights

Deep learning powered A.I. as a Service (AIaaS)

You can increase your revenue up to 10%-30% by targeting visitors in real time based on their in session behaviors


Immediately boost your revenue by increasing conversion rate up to 15% and by decreasing cart abandonment up to 8%.
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Lead Generation

Secure high quality leads. Up to 50% additional lead with up to 50% lead to sales conversion.
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Engage at the very right moment for personalized experience.
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Customers love Quin AI

Ahmet Gösteren

Head of Marketing Analytics, Koçtaş /Reduce Cart Abandonment

Quin AI remarkably decreased our cart abandonment rate. It generated up to 15% additional revenue just by pointing out possible abandoners and sending coupons to them. The result is just amazing.

Ebru Darip

CMO, Koçtaş/Increase Upsell

Quin AI achieved extraordinary success in cart abandonment with its frontier technology. After its success, we decided to improve the success of our upselling offers. Quin AI solved our technical complexities and we generated 15% incremental revenue from upselling offers.

Ali Sungurlu

CEO, Zuhal Music/Lead Generation

Quin generated 30% additional high-quality leads. 50% of the leads turned into paying customers. We are very happy to have Quin AI as it makes our digital transition from brick and mortar to e-commerce easier and profitable.

How Quin generates value for your e-commerce

It is time to target each visitor in real time based on their intentions


Seamless data management

Quin builds data pipeline for you on cloud to track and collect digital footprint of all visitors.
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Cutting edge machine learning

Quin has a custom built recurrent neural network (RNN) Algorithm which is the best for predicting sequential patterns.
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Real time predictive behavioral models

Quin creates thousands of predictions for you at every state of the customer with scale and greater accuracy in real time.
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Dynamic audience studio and analytics

You can create real time audience for insights and decisioning. With performance and behavior analytics, you can measure incremental success of Quin and you will have access to the behavioral attributes of your visitors.
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Real time predictive behavioral models

You can take action to your high intention customers through your favorite engagement tool.
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30% additional leads

Quin drives 30% additional leads to customer call center with 50% lead sales success