How Quin generates value for your e-commerce?

It is time to target each visitor in real time based on their intentions


Seamless Data Management

Quin tracks the digital footprints of every visitors and builds data pipelines on cloud to utilize your first party digital clickstream data in real time. In order to do so, Quin integrates to your website with a simple Java Script code via GTM or your favorite tag management tool. The integration is super simple and allows us to utilize all related click stream data in your data layer. Quin's independent architecture allows you to deploy Quin on any cloud. Even better, if you decide to change your cloud, Quin migrates itself to the new platform in few hours.

Learn & Predict

Real time predictive behavioural models

Quin learns your website design, products, prices, discounts and more importantly the interaction between your visitors and the website. Our bespoke recurrent neural network architecture utilises click stream data, product information, prices, duration between events and all other related information to construct a giant mind map of visitors. Quin understands the intention of visitors immediately and calculates their propensity to perform a certain action in every step of visitors. Quin works on the average more than %85 accuracy with minimum 2,5 uplift. These figures may differ from case by case depend on the complexity of the problem. Quin’s real time machine learning architecture can handle each request with under 100ms response time. Quin can calculate the predictions and triggers the responses in the blink of an eye.


Cutting edge machine learning

Quin has 2 distinctive analytics feature. Performance analytics reports Quin’s performance in your online store daily. You can easily track how many visitors Quin takes action, the response of this action group and the comparison between responses of action and the test group. Quin also calculates and reports its lift and incremental success. You will have the full visibility of the performance whether you are focused on conversions, engagement, cart abandonment, or another KPI. Unrivalled behavioural analytics provides rich insights about visitor’s behaviours, their favourite products, their price preferences, how they spend their time in a page, path through conversions or card abandonment and so on. You can better interpret and conceptualise the who, what, how, where and why of each visitor for any kind of sales, marketing and product related efforts.


Personalised communication through preferred channel

You can take action to high propensity visitors via Quin Modeler or your favourite engagement tool. Quin Modeler allows you to customise the layout, creative and message of your popups. With Modeler, you can give information about a product, set a voucher or even collect customer information as a lead with tailored messages. Quin provides wide range of API integration to let companies to use their chat bots, call centres or any other engagement tools with the power of valuable in session behavioural analytics insights and predictions. You can also connect Quin to your existing on site personalisation, recommendation or site search optimisation tools.

%30 additional leads to Zuhal Music’s call center

Quin drives 30% additional leads to Zuhal Music‘s call center with 50% lead to sales success