In Session Lead Generation

Generate and prioritize high quality leads

Identify and prioritize your high potential leads with rich insights to easily convert them into paying customers.

Build your sales ready audience

Understand the intention and need of each visitor. You can identify and prioritize potential leads with high propensity to purchase.

Get in touch with potential leads with tailored communication

Access to warm and high potential leads by sourcing prospect information and relevant content that they need through Quin modular or your favorite engagement tools.

Audience insights for ultimate personalization

Get a detailed view of the attributes and behaviors of the customers during their engagement and transform those learnings into better customer service when engaging with your high potential leads.

%30 additional leads to Zuhal Music’s call center

Quin drives 30% additional leads to Zuhal Music‘s call center with 50% lead to sales success
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quin AI data privacy and protection regulation compliant?
Quin only stores visitors’ digital footprints to learn and report their behaviors. Quin does not store or use any kind of personal information such as name, surname, etc. or any kind of identifier like cookie. Quin only stores and processes the customer click stream data for a limited period of time and constantly delete it. Quin is fully complaint to data protection policies like GDPR and KVKK.
How long does implementation take and how easy is it?
Quin’s implementation is super easy. You only need to inject our few lines of JS tracking code to your webpage through GTM or any other tool. Quin immediately begins to collect data, learns the behavioral patterns and generates predictions. Quin also automatically triggers action to the right visitors at the right time by its popup tool or any engagement tool of yours via API connection.
How long does it take for us to see the benefits of Quin?
After implementing Quin to your website it takes between 2 to 4 weeks to learn and begin to predict depending on your monthly visitor number. The larger the visitors the faster the learning period. Action planning and implementation is mostly dependent on your company's speed.
How is your pricing mechanism?
As your best sales person in your online shop, we get a base fee based on your monthly traffic and on top that we have commission rate for the incremental revenue that Quin AI generated. You can track the incremental revenue in performance analytics with the ultimate transparency.
Can I easily extend to other solutions such as engagement and lead generation upon my needs?
You can easily activate any module you want according to your needs and the problem that you want to solve.

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